The CGA Program of Professional Studies provides you with the tools to succeed in business, no matter where your career takes you. You will enter the workforce with the applied knowledge and demonstrated expertise that employers want, including specialized technical knowledge, sector-specific competencies, problem-solving skills and the ethical integrity to lead. CGA’s competency-based curriculum constitutes the best preparation for a career in financial management.

You choose the professional studies path and the real-world experience that best match your career aspirations. Working full-time while studying sophisticated business concepts and applying them to comprehensive assignments and exams is a challenge that requires dedication. But the final result is a lifetime of rewards. Chief among them is the flexibility to work in any type of organization, in any industry, at any level of management. With a CGA designation your opportunities – both professional and personal, at home and around the world – are limitless.

The CGA program consists of three key elements:

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1.CGA Courses and Exams

The CGA Program of Professional Studies consists of 19 courses and examinations plus two comprehensive business cases. Each business case is designed to help you apply financial management concepts in a practical and professional manner.

Depending on your level of post-secondary education, you may be awarded transfer credits in the application and assessment process. Transfer credits reduce the number of courses required to complete the CGA program. CGA program courses and business cases are spread over five levels:

Levels One to Three: Foundation Studies
Foundation Studies provides a solid understanding of full-cycle financial accounting.

FA1 Financial Accounting Fundamentals
EM1 Micro & Macro Economics
LW1 Business Law

FA2 Financial Accounting: Assets
QU1 Business Quantitative Analysis
MA1 Management Accounting Fundamentals
CM1 Business Communication

FA3 Financial Accounting: Liabilities & Equities
FN1 Corporate Finance Fundamentals
MS1 Managing Information Systems
BC1 Accounting Business Case

Level Four: Advanced Studies
Advanced Studies covers advanced topics in financial and management accounting as well as the key professional concepts and knowledge in audit and taxation.

FA4 Financial Accounting: Consolidations & Advanced Issues
MA2 Advanced Management Accounting
TX1 Personal & Corporate Taxation
AT1 Accounting Theory & Contemporary Issues
AU1 External Auditing
BC2 Public Practice Audit Case

Professional Application and Competence Evaluations (PACE)

PACE is the final level of studies prior to certification as a CGA. At this level, students must complete four courses, each course having a four-hour professional certification examination. These 16 hours of examinations (four exams x four hours) are the certification exams used to assess the competencies and knowledge required to receive the CGA designation.

PACE Career Electives

Choose any two from six different PACE Career Elective courses:
PF1 Public Sector Financial Management
MS2 Information Systems Strategy
MU1 Internal Auditing & Controls
FN2 Advanced Corporate Finance
TX2 Advanced Personal & Corporate Taxation
AU2 Advanced External Auditing

PACE Capstone Courses

The final two compulsory academic requirements of the CGA program are the PACE Capstone Courses and examinations. These professional applications courses use case studies and business simulations to cover new topics, and provide students with the opportunity to integrate and apply knowledge they have acquired throughout the first four levels of the program. Students hone their skills and knowledge and develop key competencies in communication, strategy, time management and leadership.

(PA1) Issues in Professional Practice draws on knowledge of financial reporting, taxation and auditing. This course requires students to integrate and apply competencies that a professional accountant external to the organization must possess. Students develop and demonstrate the ability to anticipate and solve the real-world problems faced by external auditors and professionals providing business advisory services.

(PA2) Strategic Financial Management develops the professional competencies required to effectively manage an organization’s financial affairs from an internal perspective. Students must demonstrate their ability to integrate and apply knowledge of management accounting, finance and management information systems.

2. Degree Requirement

All CGA students are required to obtain a bachelor’s degree prior to certification as a CGA. While not an entrance requirement to the CGA program, CGA students should meet the degree requirement prior to beginning PACE Level studies. The degree may be from any approved post-secondary degree-granting institution and may be obtained in any field of study. Equivalent foreign degrees also meet this requirement. For students entering the CGA program without a bachelor’s degree, CGA offers an online degree opportunity. CGA’s exclusive post-secondary partnerships provide students in the program with an innovative way to complete a degree concurrent with their CGA studies.

There are two ways to satisfy the CGA program degree requirement:

Enter the program with a degree
Students entering the program with a degree from a CGA-recognized Canadian or international institution satisfy the CGA program degree requirement. In addition, credits earned in many degree programs may also earn CGA students transfer credits for CGA courses in Levels One through Four. The degree requirement and transfer credits are determined in the program’s application and assessment process.

Complete a degree concurrently with your CGA studies
Students choosing to enter the CGA program without a Bachelors degree are provided several options. The degree courses are designed for part-time distance learning and are completed as students study towards their CGA designation. CGA students can complete an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree or a Master of Business Administration degree. CGA jointly administers the degree course registrations and delivery processes for all three opportunities – offering efficient and affordable paths to both achieving an accredited business degree and satisfying CGA’s degree standard.

CGA Program of Professional Studies (Reg. No. 321097)
It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.