Feedback: RESS RELEASE: The Canadian Certified General Accountants Association of Hong Kong
Dear Fellow Members,
We received different responses to our recent press release condemning the violence of the police and the Anti-Occupy Central groups from our members. I would like to sum up the responses and clarify the contents of the press release, i.e. condemn violence but not expressed any view on the legality of the Occupy Central or Anti-Occupy Central movement. We truly intend to let the public know that we should make sensible talks, through negotiation and avoid use of any violence action or force as it was not necessary.
We welcome our members to express their views and we would like to share their responses in the web. Messages should represent personal view and do not contain personal attacks to any members or responses made by the members. The Association reserves the right to withhold the messages if we opine that is abusing, defamatory, rude etc. Should you not wish your message to be posted in the web, please kindly inform us.
Sandy Ho
President, FCGA