President Message
12 February 2014


 Dear Fellow Members,
 It is indeed a great honour being elected to serve CGA-HK as President.  I am deeply moved and thank the Board of directors for their confidence in me and give me opportunity to lead the Association.
I accept the position of President of CGA-HK with considerable humility, as it is not an easy task. Fortunately, the precedent leaders would serve as my support and guide. I would particularly like to recognize Prof. Raymond Yeung, our Immediate Past President, who has ably piloted our Association throughout last year with unusual challenges. To recognize the contributions of our fellow founders, Prof. Raymond Yeung, and Dr. Charles Lau, as well as our past president Mr. William Tin who have served the board over ten years, members resolved in our last AGM to grant honorable Life Membership to them as a token for their dedication, leadership and guidance throughout the years since the inception of the Association in 1999  In addition, members also approved the Life membership to Mr. Raymund Chu in recognition of his contributions and volunteerism to many of our Newsletters from the first issue.
Our challenge this year will be to collaborate the merger of the three accounting bodies, to prepare a smooth transition for our Members and to assist our students to fulfill their education program requirements during the transition.
Following a successful teamwork with Middlesex University to develop a detailed literature review on multi-disciplinary practices, and a publication of these findings last year, we will carry on a second phase on empirical research of the multi-disciplinary practices this year. This research aims to develop innovative recommendations for the recognition of multidisciplinary practices in ways that could overcome the legislative, professional and cultural barriers to a professional practice model and to enhance the reputation of Hong Kong as a major global centre of financial services. We believe that we could achieve professional development and gain knowledge through empirical research which will help advance our profession and raise the public’s awareness about CGA. Please mark your diary that this influential research shall unveil in our Conference in October.
This year, I will open up the lines of communication. By sharing your ideas with us, we can lead CGA-HK together. We start by sharing more information and news on our website, members are urged to browse more often.
This is an exciting time for the merger. Not just for me, as the new leader of this Association, but for all of us. Inside me, there is a mixed feeling. We welcome the new national unification, but sad that we will soon leave behind the legendary CGA designation that we have been proud of over 100 years.
I look forward to working with the Board and you as we jointly strive to ensure that the Association endures as a strong and vibrant professional body, serving all the needs of our members. My goal is to help usher CGA-HK to a new place, not because we changed direction, but because we moved forward even farther.
Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to serve you as president of CGA-HK. I appreciate your faith. I promise I will do all I can to make this a successful year.
I would like to draw your attention that the office found some unidentified bank deposits, trusting that were membership dues deposited into the bank by members. As a warm reminder, members who have made direct deposits to the CGA-HK bank accounts should send the deposit slip to or inform the office with details. This would help us to maintain the books more effectively.  
At last, I take this opportunity to wish you all good health and a prosperous year of the Horse.
Best wishes,

Sandy Ho